Crown of Golden Thorns - Original by Steve Good

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Crown of Golden Thorns 

This original artwork started out as a portrait of the artists son, but as he worked late into the evening, so the spirit took over and directed the work thereby delivering the spiritual image we see here today. It is important to note that this painting session in the artists studio lasted very late into the evening, ultimately reaching a crazed frenzy and leaving him utterly exhausted. "It is not often that the spirit comes upon me so strongly and completely takes over my work, but when it happens from time to time the results can be truly astonishing, this is a good example of the phenominon"

A few days later the arist returned to the work to apply the varnish finish and  . . . . . The result was an entirely unexpected artwork comprised of Oil paints, Bathroom Sealant, Gold Acrylic paint, 24 carrat Gold Leaf and Charcoal, all liberally splashed with Vodka and Orange juice, a final flourish which by sheer chance created the dramatic tears. The result is a shocking and arresting image, that has a sense of great suffering blended with forgiveness.

Make of it what you will, it is a most extraordinary and haunting original spritual image available at £11,581.60 or as a much more affordable collectable limited edition Digitoil hand finished replica, complete with hand applied gold leaf and gold acrylic paint, varnished and signed by the artist at just 160.00. As a result each final DigitOil canvass will be unique, and very close to the original work, that is the beauty of our hand finished "DigitOils" range.

Signed and numbered by the Arist.

Canvass Meaures 20" x 16"

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